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Dora Bianka Balogh

Senior Researcher

Dora holds an MSc in Biochemical Engineering and a PhD in Clinical Medicine from Semmelweis University. Her research focuses on identifying novel therapeutic targets and investigating pathophysiological processes in the development of chronic diabetic complications, specifically renal and cardiac fibrosis. In addition to her scientific endeavors, she is gaining valuable insight into drug development and project management.


As a postdoctoral researcher, Dora brings comprehensive skills and knowledge. She has hands-on experience in various laboratory techniques, including general laboratory practices, animal handling, and a wide range of molecular biology techniques. With a passion for education, she is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience with the next generation of researchers, particularly encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM.


Beyond her scientific responsibilities, Dora coordinates workflows across multiple projects. Her strong critical thinking and negotiation skills enable her to quickly adapt to new challenges and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Her dedication and multifaceted expertise make her a valuable asset in scientific research and project coordination at SigmaDrugs.


If you are interested in our fibrosis (lung & kidney) research, please contact me.

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