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Marcell Cserhalmi, PhD

Senior Researcher

Marcell graduated as a biologist and earned his PhD in Immunology at Eotvos Lorand University. During his PhD he spent three months at Prof. Rooijakkers’ lab in UMC Utrecht, in the Netherlands, where he gained experience in international collaborations. After his PhD he started working at TargetEx Ltd. as a research fellow in the R&D department. Marcell joined the National Institute of Oncology (NIO), Budapest as a biologist. He later became lab manager at the Department of Selenoprotein Research, where he focused on cancer research and redox biology. During his years at NIO, he was affiliated with the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm.


Marcell joined our group at SigmaDrugs Ltd. as a senior researcher in September 2023. He focuses on creating an innovative, cutting-edge 3D organoid platform and researching diabetes-related complications, such as eye and kidney deterioration in animal models.


Marcell has more than ten years of experience with in vitro cell culture and a wide range of molecular biology techniques. He is a detail- and results-oriented, proactive person who is eager to be involved in SigmaDrugs' remarkable drug development work. As a senior member of the SigmaDrugs team, he considers knowledge sharing and mentoring to be an essential part of his work.


If you are interested in our research, please contact me.

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