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Adam Hosszu, PhD

Senior Researcher

Adam is a molecular biologist currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Translational Research Laboratory within the Semmelweis University Pediatric Center. His research is centered on elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying various diseases, primarily focusing on hypoxic injury associated with transplantation and pulmonary fibrosis. He is privileged to contribute to a dynamic research group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences led by Andrea Fekete, MD, DSc.


Our team at SigmaDrugs recently identified a promising novel drug to mitigate graft injury and enhance transplantation outcomes. Preclinical studies have yielded promising results, culminating in the filing of an international patent for which Adam is listed as an inventor.


Adam has significant expertise in laboratory work, particularly animal surgeries and a wide range of molecular biology techniques. He is proficient in state-of-the-art imaging techniques on rodents, such as in vivo multiphoton microscopy and functional MRI. His academic journey has been enriched by immersive experiences at renowned institutions. During a year-long stint at Prof. Christopher Wilcox's laboratory at Georgetown University, he gained invaluable exposure to international collaboration and actively participated in drug development initiatives targeting hypertension-induced kidney damage. Furthermore, his time spent at Prof. Thoralf Niendorf's experimental ultra-high field MRI laboratory at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany, as part of the EU-COST action PARENCHIMA, was instrumental in honing his skills in functional MR imaging techniques. Subsequently, he has successfully integrated these state-of-the-art methodologies into translational research endeavors at SigmaDrugs.


His diverse experiences across various international laboratories have equipped him with a profound understanding of collaborative research methodologies and the ability to seamlessly work within multicultural teams, fostering impactful contributions to the global scientific community.


If you are interested in our transplant research, please contact me.

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