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Meet The Team

The people who work at Sigma Drugs share the vision and values of our community. And while our eclectic team includes doctors, scientist, lawyers, and consultants, our values are unified. Our scientists have a passion for innovation, and longing to provide better healthcare to humanity at large. We have more than ten medical professionals working in our research center across Hungary to deliver high quality solutions to fulfill the unmet need in the therapeutic area.  Beside them we also work together with several wonderful and passionate colleagues, who help us to make our vision true.

Research Team


Founder & CEO & CSO

Andrea is Founder and CEO and CSO of SigmaDrugs Ltd. She is a professor at Semmelweis University and head of the Diabetes Research Group. 

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Dora Balogh, PhD

Senior Researcher

Dora is a postdoctoral researcher in the Diabetes Research Group led by Andrea Fekete.

She is the expert in our fibrosis (lung & kidney) development. 

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Adam Hosszu, PhD

Senior Researcher

Adam is a senior postdoc in the translational Diabetes Research Group led by Andrea Fekete.

He is the expert in our transplantation development. 

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Tamas Lakat, PhD


Tamas is a biochemical engineer with a PhD in renal pathology, leads cutting-edge transplant research to improve outcomes at SigmaDrugs.

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Timea Medveczki, MSc

Junior Researcher

Timea is a pharmaceutical chemist, targets breakthroughs in glaucoma treatment, enhancing our eye health research at SigmaDrugs.

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Judit Hodrea, PhD

Senior Researcher

Judit is a postdoctoral researcher who joined the Diabetes Research Group in 2012.

She is the expert in our fibrosis (eye) development. 

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Marcell Cserhalmi, PhD

Senior Researcher

Marcell is a senior researcher at SigmaDrugs, leverages his PhD in Immunology to advance diabetes research through pioneering 3D organoid technology.

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Akos Toth, MSc

Junior Researcher

Akos, a medical biologist, delves into renal and pulmonary disease mechanisms, seeking new therapeutic avenues in our SigmaDrugs research team.

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Alexandra Rozsahegyi, MSc

Junior Researcher

Alexandra, holding a Master's degree in bioengineering, has recently joined our team to strengthen ongoing research efforts.

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Management Team


Laszlo Fekete

COO and Legal

Laszlo oversees the SigmaDrugs operations, including accounting, legal, IP and corporate governance. Laszlo studied international business and acquired a degree in law. 

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Roland Krascsenics

Chief Strategy Officer

Roland is a highly experienced senior executive with over two decades of leadership. He helps our company in the sale of products and in the search for business opportunities.

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Valeria Scheffer

Back Office Manager

Valeria has experience in international advertising as a senior customer relations manager and currently oversees daily operations and team coordination at Sigma Drugs.

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If you are interested in research and investment opportunities, please contact us.

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