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Andrea Fekete, MD, DSc

CEO, Founder

Andrea is a consultant pediatrician at the Pediatric Center at Semmelweis University with a special interest in diabetology and nephrology. As a professor, she leads the research group on diabetes at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Her research focuses on microvascular complications of diabetic and renal failure patients.


As a clinical scientist, she knows the importance of bench-to-bedside research. Diabetes and its complications represent a global health crisis, creating a huge socio-economic burden worldwide. Her experience of more than 15 years in basic science combined with her interests in clinical pharmacology helps her to evaluate projects from both sides and to ask clinically relevant questions.


She has more than 70 publications in leading nephrology, diabetology, and physiology journals. As a regular panel member of various scientific committees and editorial boards, she has an international overview of global research trends. As a member of the Hungarian Ethical Committee that supervises human research projects, she constantly monitors ongoing studies' ethical and scientific standards.


If you are interested in research and investment opportunities, please contact me.

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