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Judit Hodrea, PhD

Senior Researcher

Judit is a senior researcher in a vibrant group led by Andrea Fekete at the Pediatric Center at Semmelweis University. Her background in chemistry provides a unique perspective and a problem-solving approach to drug development processes. She completed her PhD within the Marie Curie Research Training Network framework, which fostered openness to international relations and equipped her with strong skills for building collaborations, a benefit she continues to leverage today. Her primary focus is identifying novel drug targets and testing therapies for macro- and microvascular complications of diabetes, with a special emphasis on tissue fibrosis related to renal and ocular diseases.


She is deeply committed to translational science, innovation, and teaching. With over ten years of research experience, she is our expert in general laboratory practices, in vitro cell cultures, a wide range of molecular biology techniques, and microscopy. Her current project centers on addressing trabecular meshwork dysfunction, which contributes to increased intraocular pressure, the primary cause of glaucoma. She is spearheading the development of an innovative eye drop specifically designed to treat glaucoma. Furthermore, she is also a co-inventor of a patented breakthrough drug for fibrotic diseases.


Judit's inquisitive nature, unwavering dedication, and innovative spirit help drive SigmaDrugs forward.


If you are interested in our fibrosis (eye) research, please contact me.

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