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Judit Hodrea, PhD

Senior Researcher

I am a senior researcher in a very enthusiastic research group led by Andrea Fekete at the 1st Department of Pediatrics, Semmelweis University, Budapest. Our group is particularly devoted to translational science, innovation and teaching. Our aim is to identify novel drug targets and to test new therapies in the macro- and microvascular complication of diabetes focusing on kidney and eye disorders with special interest in tissue fibrosis. 


I have more than 10 years of experience in research and my chemist background ensures a different view and problem-solving attitude in drug development processes, planning and performing experiments. The major driver in my work is curiosity and the willingness to learn new skills, such as imaging techniques, which is my passion. My current project focuses on trabecular meshwork dysfunction that can lead to increased intraocular pressure which is the main cause of glaucoma. My aim is to identify the crucial pathways involved in these processes and to propose new drug targets. 

I am a co-inventor of a patented new drug for the treatment of fibrotic diseases of various organs. 


If you are interested in our fibrosis (eye) research, please contact me.

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