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Collaboration with Fulbright Specialist

Over the past month, our research group at Semmelweis University Pediatric Center had the honor of hosting Professor Laszlo Prokai from University of North Texas Health Science Center through the Fulbright Specialist Program. His visit was nothing short of transformative!

During his time with us, Professor Prokai shared invaluable insights in drug discovery, drug design, and specifically, glaucoma. His expertise illuminated various platforms: from a comprehensive PhD course to engaging lectures held at the Pediatric Center and Ophthalmology departments.

Professor Prokai also attended the 1st Pediatric PhD Days conference as a reviewing board member, adding tremendous value to the event.

But it didn't stop there—we had a series of riveting scientific meetings and brainstorming sessions, sparking new ideas and collaborations.

This collaboration is set to flourish further next year as Judit Hodrea, one of our own, will embark on a three-month journey as a Fulbright Researcher Fellow in Professor Prokai's lab. The exchange of knowledge and experiences promises an enriching continuation of our partnership.


Thank you, Professor Laszlo Prokai, for your remarkable contributions and insights during your stay. It was an excellent period, laying the foundation for ongoing collaborative strides in the world of scientific research. And thank you Fulbright for this great Program.



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