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About Us

Innovative biotech startup company

SigmaDrugs Ltd. is a biotech start-up company, dedicated to developing innovative solutions for organ preservation and to finding novel therapeutic targets for the treatment of chronic fibrotic diseases of various organs.


Our vision

Our vision is that, with the help of our future partners, products will be brought to the market that offer widely applicable solutions for organ damage caused by fibrosis. Tissue rearrangement in the kidneys, lungs, eyes, and skin caused by various diseases (diabetes, hypertension, COVID-19) is a very serious public health problem. The successful marketing of our research results will hopefully make life easier for many people. For health care systems, these solutions mean huge cost savings, which is also an important goal of ours, as a better quality of life can become available to more people at a lower cost.

Conferences in 2022

It is a pleasure to participate in the following events in 2022.

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